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Wise ideas collective 😌

What can we do when we feel flat, with no inspiration and motivation?

I want to share with you, the words and ideas which help me through those days.

The last few years have been a period full of challenges and it's not quite over. In this time we have seen dark sides revealed but also beautiful moments of real humanity. We saw displays of unjustness from the top which invited a more open divisiveness in our society. Those who are conscientious, who always try their best to keep their thoughts and actions clean were forced to dig deeper to hold onto their principles. We are constantly surrounded by confusing messages from every direction. But don't forget - we keep evolving, individually and collectively. Also remember, you have a choice to stop listening to all the noise. How do we choose? Well, we have to listen carefully to our inner self and trust it.

I've been meaning to share some quotes with you. These words continue to serve me everyday. There are so many, but these ones feel right. Some are for making better choices. Some are philosophical and spiritual. I rely on them, think about them, and meditate on them. I feel lucky to have the knowledge shared with me and they often come at the right time. Now it's my turn to share with you for your personal care.

I've added some tips and insights to help you understand them practically. Don't forget, I am just giving some examples, so please feel free to expand the frame and put your own interpretation to them.

A healthy body can digest, assimilate and eliminate well. It is parasympathetic dominant and has high immunity - Simon Borg Olivier

It's important to acknowledge that our eating habits affect how our body performs. However, this concept applies to both body and mind. Our minds digest, assimilate and eliminate information too. So it's not just about choosing the right food. It also refers to information we take in. Our auto nervous system is influenced by information we take in all the time - to be parasympathetic dominant and have better immunity, we should say NO to things that make you palpitate, or troubled and stressed. I'm constantly reviewing;- what I eat, what I read, what I watch and think about. Because everything we ingest and absorb affects our mental and physical wellbeing. Our body gives us signals all day, let's listen to them.

The moment of stress is the practice, and every moment is the practice - Doug Keller

Making mistakes is part of our self growth as long as we reflect and learn from them.

Give 80% effort and save 20% for the mind - Sarah Litton

When you practice yoga in this way, 20% is given to the mind to observe your own actions and sensations. You can acknowledge and understand everything more calmly. This is how injuries are reduced. You gain space and breathing can improve. The nervous system can feedback positively to the brain as a result. The body can lose tension which can be caused by fear or brute force. It can only lead to higher learning in this environment. This practice can also apply to how we deal with life.

Trying to be amazing all the time puts pressure on yourself, it's ok to have an average day - Hamish Hendry

Avoid taking yourself too seriously. Work at 80% of your capacity (as above) in everything you do, and do it with awareness. Progress is made when we are fully aware of what we are doing, rather than trying too hard or at our maximum effort. Being overzealous can cause us to miss important details, messages and subtleties - a real 'aha' moment comes when we are receptive, relaxed and observant.

Anxiety is worse than reality, try to remember reality is easier than what the mind makes it out to be - Hamish Hendry

Catch yourself when you start building a story in your mind to avoid it getting out of hand - our expectation of the future is often based on our past experiences (the unfortunate ones). Let's be open, relaxed and accepting when facing tasks ahead. Think of "SURRENDER TO WHAT IS".

I think I will leave it here for now. These ideas take time to seep into our practice of yoga and everything else we do. Also remember, we may be a little rusty socialising and working in 'in-person' situations. So mistakes in actions, thoughts and speech are a given. I say this because I struggle with group dynamics myself and I feel like walking on eggshells sometimes. On that note, this one is a bonus quote that resonates with me at the moment;-


Don't worry if you make mistakes. Let go of what was, let go of the past, it's finished and can't be changed. Let's not waste energy thinking over and over. Instead, celebrate what we can learn from our mistakes. All our experiences contribute to our WISDOM BANK

Go ahead and share your wisdom when someone needs it.

So let's think about how we want to live our lives.

How can we be more self-sufficient mentally and emotionally

Let's avoid relying on others to provide our happiness ✓

Let's train to become stronger from within, learn to trust yourself

Don't be affected by the noise of the world today. Remember, everyone can think what they like and they will. Let's find our purpose in this life. There is no doubt there is a mission for each person on this earth written in the stars ⭐️ Follow your heart and instinct, always.

I am sending you love and positive energy wherever you are in the world.


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