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Feel it to know it

I want to talk about how meditation can be a powerful tool for overcoming difficulties.

I had covid recently. I don't remember the last time I was so sick. As I was lying down, which was all I could do, I felt the virus rampaging in my chest, and all I could manage was to meditate on it.

I decided to use this unique and hopeless time to get to know the virus inside me better, to feel how my immune system responded to the situation. Of course, this wasn’t visible, I only used my imagination and my daily meditation practice. I gently asked the virus to be part of my ecosystem, to work with all the other living organisms sharing the space. I asked it to stop trying to conquer and instead become integrated. I sent thanks and positive energy to the immune system working overtime to tame the ever expanding virus. The main theme of this routine in the morning and before bedtime was to feel intensely whatever was going on, believe it completely, and work with it with respect and kindness. This was my daily meditation for a week. It gave me a chance to stop, look inwardly and believe in what I felt. This also taught me to see things as they are, whether pleasant or unpleasant.

The practice really helped me to mentally cope with this powerful covid. I was fortunate not to need medical attention. I hear someone say why would you meditate on a virus?? Well, for me, if you feel it, you know it.

Feel it to know it" - S. P. Tutton, a yogi, spiritual seeker, mother, sister & friend

I guess what this means is to be present, watch what arises and accept. "Feel it to know it" is to trust what we feel to be real, even if it's hard to explain. The principle of this quote is that we don’t need to ask someone, compare ourselves to images on social media, or google to validate our experience [but you should definitely seek medical advice if required]. It's time that we own what we feel and should have no doubt about our inner messages.

"Feel it to know it" can apply to everything in life from feeling a particular sensation physically (whether pleasant or unpleasant) like being in a yoga pose that should be modified, to having a gut feeling about something.

Whenever you get an inner calling like "it's time to do it" or, "don't go there”, listen to that calling and apply it to prove you trust your ability to know what to do.

I am positively excited when I commit to make decisions based on my instinct because it shows I am deeply connected to nature and the universe, and that I am taking the right path for myself and not other people's path for me.

So let’s always keep our eyes and heart open. Let’s be in charge of ourselves, watch out for the signs and opportunities sent by the universe for our self development - whether small or large. And let’s be available for life physically, mentally and spiritually.


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