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Be kind to be happy

As we leave 2020 behind, I reflect how strange and profound last year has been. It took such a drastic change in the world to see true relationships between people. I saw the real value of human interactions through missing simple things like not eating dinner with friends and loved ones, as well as not hugging when we say hello and good bye. It’s easy to feel lonely in this environment - being wired up with so much technology hasn’t seemed to help. It’s more important than ever to choose carefully what we take in through the media during these times.

Being honest and considerate

I can tell you I have taken a lot of time to reflect on my part in the community and the world. I am more aware that our actions speak louder than words. We share the same uncertainty globally, we need to be honest and considerate without trying to impose our personal agenda in those around us. I see this as a unique opportunity to reflect on the mistakes we've made in the past and to move forward with the spirit of inclusivity, love and collaboration.

So let’s be nice to each other. It’s just as simple as that. There are people who can’t see beyond their own needs and hurt others in their quest to get what they want. But there are many of us who are waking up to what this is about - we are not going to be happy by 'fighting' for our own survival. We need others in our lives more than ever, we need a community, friendships and definitely not divisions.

Being kind to be happy

Happiness comes from within us, so don’t look for it from outside, from other people or in shops. A simple act of being kind to others can help us to be more compassionate. How about smiling genuinely at someone, asking how their days are going, listen if they need to talk, buy a cup of tea for someone having a bad day, and make a phone call to a friend who is struggling. Small things can truly change someone's day and by using your positive energy towards others' well being can make you feel humble and warm inside. We are all energetic beings, we feel each others energy.

Doing yoga for therapy

Yoga practice has taken another role in this respect recently. Yoga was never just a physical thing until it was misrepresented in recent history. Thankfully, these days it seems yoga is returning to the authentic therapeutic roles it has always had. The key element of practice is to create space in the mind - yoga helps to reduce those incessant conversations in our mind which is the main driver of declining mental health. Yoga practice, done consciously, opens our perceptions and allows us to see more than just our own personal needs. Simple acts such as taking a moment to feel the body breathing has become more important than ever. This is not the time to 'fight for this' or 'fight for that', which are the phrases we often see in newspapers and media. It's time to be gentle with ourselves and with others.

Let's slow down, check your breathing, give yourself a moment to be mindful.

Let's be friendly and make someone smile. It can make you feel warm inside.

Let's meditate everyday, even just 3 minutes to feel your inner body, to acknowledge how you feel and to make peace with yourself.

Let's live fully in each moment, don't waste energy on fear, anger and jealousy which lower the immune system.

Let's be honest and be real, always.

Let's surround ourselves with people who raise our spirits.

May yoga always serves you in every step of the way.


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