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Mina Hosokawa

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“Mina teaches from the heart, and her knowledge and skills in yoga and yoga therapy are outstanding. Mina is truly an inspirational teacher, and it's been an honour to work with such an amazing teacher.”

Paula Fox-Kirkham

"Mina is one of the most dedicated yoga teachers I have encountered in almost 20 years of practice. She has a profound interest in helping students experience yoga at its deepest and most therapeutic physical level. Supported by her substantial anatomical knowledge and her tireless spirit of inquiry, Mina's approach enables people to discover the essence of yoga postures as she deconstructs and rebuilds poses from their foundation. She constantly renews and revises her energising classes, where I experience her as a warm and engagingly challenging guide."

Peter Law

"Thank you so much for your amazing classes, they were a highlight of the time leading up to the birth and really helped me relax, deal with the pain and most importantly give me confidence during labour."

Cathy Edwards

About me

About me and my Yoga

My early experience of yoga was Astanga Mysore practise in East London in 1998. It blew me away on so many levels. Even in my early years of yoga, I understood the system had so much to offer - discipline, purification and therapy. My Japanese upbringing helped me to appreciate the method and made me feel at home with it. Having some injuries diverted me to look for a more structural and subtle approach to my practice, Sarah Litton showed me how to work with injuries and got me back on track.


Inspired by Richard Freeman's approach to Astanga yoga, when I returned to regular Mysore practice in my 40's with Hamish Hendry, I realised it had so more to offer than just a physical health benefit. It makes you observe your own behaviour whilst on the mat, a self-study. It is truly therapeutic. Astanga yoga is often misunderstood in the West for its vigour and it often attracts many people looking only to achieve a physical benefit from their practice of it.  No yoga practice should be done with aggression or an unhealthy desire to achieve something. Yoga should be practiced steadily and often, and approached calmly without attachment


It is my mission to share with people how yoga practice has longevity and can apply to people of all ages and backgrounds. Yoga is adaptable and can be modified to suit each person's needs. I would love to share with you the true benefit of yoga. I am so grateful for Sarah Litton and Hamish Hendry who work tirelessly to spread their knowledge and inspiration. 

Regular Classes, Private Lessons

I teach regular group lessons in Down To Earth at Tufnell Park on Monday, Thursday and Saturday

My classes are inspired by Astanga yoga and pitched appropriately to students attending.

Pregnancy yoga is infused with birth preparation as the main focus. 

Please use below to book your space

All Private Lessons are online and students led, and designed carefully to suit each person's needs.

For in person private lessons, please contact me with your requirements.

For private lessons and the weekly free meditation click here 

For retreats, private lessons and teacher training, please contact me directly!

I also work at Astanga Yoga London, Drummond Street, Euston, London where I assist the main teacher Hamish Hendry. 

The shala operates as a drop-in, Self-Pracctice style  guided by non-verbal hands-on assisting. 

Please see the calendar below to see my schedules for this week -



Workshop topics offered regularly

5 weeks beginners yoga course

Sleep better programme 

Lowerback & Sacrum 

Spacious shoulders

Finding your voice - teacher training support 

Hands on assisting - teacher training support

These are hosted by Down To Earth studio periodically, please contact me if you are interested. 

Private group booking also welcome.

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Style of yoga


My teaching style is very much drawn from Astanga yoga. My goal in teaching is for students to establish a more regular and fulfilling practice across all ages and body types. I am always reviewing, investigating and modifying my self-practice so that I can make yoga practice more accessible to everyone. I aspire to be a good communicator to my students, importantly, a teacher who can explain yoga from both the scientific and the energetic perspective.

Teacher Training Yogacampus


I teach and mentor trainee teachers from Yogacampus. I host teacher training modules as well as act as a mentor to students assigned to me. I am their first point of contact and support throughout their training.


All teacher training programmes do their best to prepare you for the business of being a yoga teacher, but it can still be very daunting. Regardless of which teacher training programme you have graduated from, if you need help and guidance and you think some time with me would help you on your journey, book a one-to-one mentoring/supporting online session. Or join the weekly Teachers Circle group - please contact me for more information.

Pregnancy Yoga & Doula

My Pregnancy Yoga is infused with Birth preparation. The main influence for these classes comes from studying with Michel Odent and from Liliana Lammers who helped me to become a doula. I offer explanations about the birth physiology and the behaviour of the oxytocin hormone. This is because I believe such information can influence women to take control of their own labour. I believe certain knowledge empowers expecting couples and removes the fear factors associated with childbirth. Michel and Liliana are both incredibly important to me and my family.

UK Retreat

Weekend UK Retreat of Yoga & Food

Next event 11th-14th May 2023

 4 day yoga retreat in North Devon

We will enjoy asanas, pranayama and meditation

with amazing food 

from £620

A non-refundable deposit of £150 will secure your place

- however a full refund if covid restrictions prevent the retreat from happening.

Please contact me to book

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YogaRetreat_Devon Nov21 P5.jpg
My aim

I aim for people to leave my yoga classes with added clarity about what they are doing and why – to demystify yoga.  I would be happy if I could motivate people to start a regular home practice because they understand the benefit to their daily life.  So many of us are searching for something when we turn to yoga. I would like to be one of the teachers that helps people find their inner happiness.  I try to do this by being myself, with a bit of humour and by speaking from my heart about my own experiences. I think this is the only way to reach people.

My thoughts

My mission

I believe if more people practiced yoga, there would be less conflict between people in the community and the world. This is because regular yoga practice, by default, makes practitioners watch themselves intimately. We become more aware of our own thought processes. After a while, we recognise our unhealthy patterns of thought. The patterns get triggered by various factors, but often result in us thinking in a negative context. People often try to justify their feelings of stress or anxiety by identifying something or someone, but actually yoga practice helps us to realise that being stressed has a lot to do with our own perceptions. 


Regular yoga practice helps us to understand our own body and our patterns of thoughts. Practicing regularly highlights how we treat our bodies and how we see ourselves. Without being told what to do, regular practitioners naturally tend to modify what they eat, how they spend time and when they go to bed. Making decisions becomes less dramatic and can be made with greater clarity. This is a result of the body becoming more robust and the mind becoming sharper. 


So yoga isn't simply physical exercise, it's actually an ancient method and therapy for anyone seeking peace within. It is my mission to spread yoga because the benefits are endless and the world needs it more than ever.


What I'm cooking in my kitchen

Cooking to complement your yoga practice

We are what we eat

Plant based bolognese

Serves 5 portions (use the leftover to make lasagne too), cooking time 1 hour 20 minutes.
This is our family favourite! So rich, full of flavours and comforting.

3 cloves of garlic         
2 bay leaves
1 teaspoon five spices     
1 teaspoon smoked paprika
1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon powder
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
1 teaspoon malden salt
2 onions
2 ripe tomatos
1/2 fennel
1 carrot
1/2 cauliflower
5 large chestnut mushrooms
1 cup of sunflower seeds
1 tin chopped tomatoes
1 tablespoon tomato puree
2 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
1/2 glass of wed wine
1 tablespoon soy sauce
1 tablespoon liquid smoke (optional)
1 tablespoon agave nectar
1 vegetable or mushroom stock cube
Pasta of your choice






Use a food processor to blitz sunflower seeds, cauliflower and mushroom into mince like texture. 

Fry thinly sliced onions, garlic with salt and pepper in a heavy saucepan at low heat until they turn completely soft and caramelised. Add chopped fresh tomatoes and tomato puree into the mix and cook slowly to form paste. Add cayenne pepper, cinnamon, smoked paprika and five spices and mix well. 
This process takes about 20 mins. 

Add mushroom, cauliflower and sunflower seeds mince into the
paste and add balsamic vinegar, wine, soy sauce and liquid smoke. Mix well for a few minutes. 

Add chopped carrot, fennel, bayleaves, tin tomatoes, stock cube and agave nectar and top up with water. Cook on the hob for a few minutes then put in a pre heated oven at 190 celsius/374 fahrenheit for 1 hour without a lid. 

Take it out and place a lid. Leave it on the hob resting.
Cook pasta of your choice.

Drizzle olive oil all over bolognese and add a pinch of black pepper. Serve with pasta and eat immediately! Soooo delici


Spicy Soup Noodle 

Serves 2 people, cooking time 30 minute.     

Salty, spicy, tangy clear broth with home made udon noodle. See the ingredients and follow the pictures. 


2 carrots

1 white potato

1/2 leek

A handful of mature spinach

A handful of pak choi 

1 star anise

1 cinnamon stick

1 bay leaf

1 inch ginger

2 cloves of garlic

1 red chilli

2 dried shiitake mushrooms 

1 sheet of dried konbu

A handful of coriander 

1 table spoon of sesame oil (drizzle at the end)

1 table spoon of white miso paste

2 table spoon of mirin

1 table spoon of brown sugar

3 table spoon of soy sauce

2 tea spoon of salt

1/2 tea spoon of white pepper


Egg optional

Put all the dry and wet ingredients into a 

saucepan plus enough water, boil at medium

heat. Note: sesame oil, spinach, coriander

leaves and pak choi are to be added once

broth is cooked.

For udon noodle, you need 1:1 ratio of white 

flour and rice flour. (use a cup to measure)

Water and a pinch of salt.

Knead it until smooth.

Add flour to avoid sticking.

Cook udon for 1-2 mins in boiling salted 

water. Rinse under cold water to remove


Don't forget to taste the broth and adjust 

seasoning. It needs to tase

stronger than you would

have it on its own. This is

because you will be adding

noodle. Drizzle sesame oil 

before eating.

Seriously good!

Immunity Bowl 

Serves 2 people, cooking time 25 minutes


Don’t be put off by the ingredients and process, it’s actually really easy and quick to cook.

It’s tasty, healthy and rewarding. You just feel so much better when you eat this, I promise! 


Preparation (in advance)

*Soaking and Sprouting

This process is done once a week. Weekend is perfect for this preparation.

You can do it whilst making your morning coffee, attend again in the evening.

Sprouted seeds and soaked nuts will last for a week in fridge. Keep them in glass jars. 


Soak cashew nuts for approximately 4 hours in a glass jar in your kitchen,

rinse, drain, put a lid on and store in fridge.


Soak sun flower seeds for approximately 6 hours in a glass jar, drain,

place a muslin or net over the jar with a rubber band around it.

Tilt slightly to keep water draining into a bowl, leave in your kitchen for 1-2 days,

rinse seeds once or twice a day to keep moisture.

Once sprouted, put a lid on and store in fridge.


Ingredients and cooking method 

Steamed quinoa and rice

1 cup of quinoa

1 cup of basmati rice 

2 cup of water - use the same cup as above

3cm white main part of leek sliced

3cm thick butternut squash cut into small cubes

1/3 firm tofu cut into small cubes

1cm ginger sliced

2cm red chilli sliced

1 dried shiitake mushroom or porcini mushroom

1 small strip of konbu sheet - use scissors and cut a small piece 

1 teaspoon of salt 

10 turns of black pepper

1 tablespoon of mirin

1 teaspoon of miso paste


Put all the ingredients in a sauce pan.

Bring to boil and reduce heat to low,

cover the top with tin foil and the lid.

Cook on low heat for 10 mins.

Turn the heat off after 10mins,

keep the lid and foil on and let it stand to

steam for 10 more minutes.


Ingredients and preparation

Spirulina salsa 

1 teaspoon of spirulina powder

1/3 teaspoon of turmeric powder

1/2 teaspoon of salt

1 teaspoon of agave syrup or muscovado sugar

3 teaspoon of raw apple cider vinegar

1 teaspoon of smooth peanut butter

1 teaspoon of soy sauce

2 teaspoon of sesame oil

3 teaspoon of olive oil

2mm thinly sliced ginger chopped up finely

5mm leek chopped up finely

2 table spoon sprouted sunflower seeds *please see how to soak and spout 

2 table spoon soaked cashew nuts chopped roughly *please see how to soak and spout

1 handful of coriander including stalks chopped finely

1 handful of fresh mint leaves chopped finely

3 younger leaves of cavolo nero or kale chopped finely

1/2 avocado

1/8 lime or lemon juice

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl except avocado and lime, adjust seasoning according to your preferred taste.



Pour olive oil into the steamed grains in the sauce pan and once mixed well, spoon into a bowl.

Slice a half of avocado, place on top of grains, squeeze a small wedge of lime or lemon juice.

Spoon in spirulina salsa onto the bowl.

Drizzle a bit more olive oil and sprinkle sea salt (optional).

Eat whilst fresh!